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Hey Ya'll!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Chloé Doriann Beasley. First initial and my middle name is where C. Doriann comes from. Doriann is an odd name choice, or so I have been told. My grandmother was Doris and my aunt's middle name is Ann. So my parents named me Doriann after those two marvelous women. I am a native of Waveland, MS. My maiden name is Harvill and my grandmother (Doris) was actually born in a house across the street from where I live today. I actually live in the house that my grandparents moved into after being married and subsequently raised their 4 kids in. One of the coolest parts of living in this house is that I immediately inherited a lot of memories. Not only the house that I spent all my time after school and holidays in, but photographs. So many photos of my family that I truly cherish.

family photos
Those two marvelous women, my baby cousin and myself

They help me remember my grandparents, who are no longer here, and I get to show my kids a little piece of their history and heritage. In my living room I have current family photos displayed but I also have a photo of my dad as a little boy. It was taken at one of those department store photo studios and I love it. I can see how my son resembles him. I also have a photograph of my grandfather standing in the middle of the train tracks on the L&R Railroad bridge that he worked on. This photograph is so cool to me because I come from a lineage of railroad men. It's also super cool because my dad took it. That is where my love of photography comes from, I suppose.

My dad, D. C. Harvill, studied photography at the University of Southern Mississippi and worked at the Sea Coast Echo as a writer and photographer. He won MS Press Association Awards for his images. My dad repeatedly stuck a camera in my hand throughout my childhood and I repeatedly rolled my eyes at him. I did think the darkroom was magic though.

In middle school and high school I found myself on the news-team. I loved it.

Hurricane Katrina hit as I was starting my freshman year at Bay High. I picked up a light- leak- riddled Pentax camera and took absolutely terrible photos of hurricane destruction. I actually still have these prints stored in a German MRE box in my closet.

Fast forward a few years and I was an art student at MS State and I began making money taking photographs.

Fast forward to who I am now.... my niche is creative portraiture. I love taking portraits, especially of pre-teens and teens. Furthermore, I love costuming and CREATING glamorous and sometimes absurd images.

blue devi, creative portraiture, wes anderson, bay st louis, creative portraiture
"Blue Devi", an absurd image I created

My love of costuming manifests itself throughout my life... I'm a founding member and choreographer for the Raw Oyster Marching Club, and I'm a belly dancer (you may have seen me at a Second Saturday shimmying in the street). Additionally, I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies- Marketing and Foreign Language from the University of Southern MS, I'm a domestic abuse survivor (and I will speak on it and am always ready to help others who are fleeing), and my favorite animal is an opossum.

I wear all these hats (#ADHD) while being the mother of two amazing kids who keep me on my toes, Brontë and Millie, and a wife to my wonderful husband, Patrick (aka Mr. Beasley).

family photo, creative portraiture, christmas, ms gulf coast, bay st louis, christmas minis
Our Christmas Card photo from 2021. Photo by William Colgin Edit/Design by C. Doriann

We love going on family walks, spending time outside, working out and watching Marvel movies together. Sunday is family time, so unless you are throwing a monsoon of dolla dolla bills my way you will not see me booking any photo shoots on a Sunday.

I'm all about capturing memories of your loved ones, but I'm even more about making memories with my own.

What's your story?

I would love to hear it and help you document who you cherish most for generations to come!

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